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Primary program  
What sets the primary program at Uplift Hampton Preparatory apart?

  1. Our teachers create safe classrooms where
      your child’s learning comes first.

There’s a lot that goes in to making sure children are ready to learn, but one of the most important factors is how they feel about coming to school every day. At Uplift, they are greeted by name at the door to their classrooms, so they feel welcome and valued.

Inside, our rooms are warm, bright and cheerful. Our scholars are taught how to learn together, to respect one another’s space and ideas. They learn how to ask and answer questions with confidence, and most importantly how to be successful. Our scholars are happy when they come to school because they have the support of everyone in the building.

safe place to learn  

    2. Our teachers set individual goals for
      every scholar.


Every fall, we check to see where each scholar is academically. Whether they are new to Uplift or have been with us for several years, we feel it’s important to know exactly where they stand so we can set new, appropriate academic goals for them.
We use the Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) test to gather data about our scholars. The scholars take it two to three times a year, which helps us see where they start, adjust lessons mid-year, and measure where they finish in the spring in relation to their goals. Teachers use MAP and other test scores to increase instruction in areas where scholars need more work. Our teachers also work collaboratively across subject areas to make sure every scholar is getting a well-rounded education. We do this for every single scholar in the Uplift network.

goal setting

  3. Our scholars grow academically with the
      help of their teachers and computer-based
      learning tools.

In our scholar-centered classrooms, our scholars work together with their teachers to build their math and reading skills, but they also learn to work at their own pace. Using researched based
websites like ST Math, scholars build their math abilities in a fun, effective, and digital format. The site remembers their progress and helps them expand their knowledge. The data produced by the software also helps teachers track progress. Similar programs are used to help increase reading abilities.


working on computers  

    4. We read to learn.


We read constantly at our schools, and using the guided reading method, our scholars build reading, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills during small group lessons. This approach helps our scholars build fluency and confidence with the close attention of their teachers.

We also really like to have our younger scholars read with our older ones. We are launching a new program at many of our schools, including Uplift Hampton Preparatory, called Teen Trendsetters. This initiative is sponsored by the Barbara Bush Foundation. Participating primary students are paired with a middle school buddy, who will come to the primary building to read. The primary scholar will get to keep the books they read, building a library over time. The books used in the program all have a STEM emphasis, so our scholars will be introduced to the importance of science and math in our everyday lives.




     5. Our teachers work closely together for
      our scholars.
  Effective teachers share ideas and best practices. Across our primary schools, our teachers meet several times a year to talk about what is working in the classroom and what needs to be improved. Armed with great ideas for their lessons, and with support from instructional coaches, our teachers are well-equipped to help our scholars grow. We also make sure that new teachers are teamed with experienced teachers, so that scholars will benefit from quality instruction no matter how long their teacher has been in the profession.  
our scholars  

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The application period for 2015-16 opens Dec. 1, 2014.
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